Capability List

Our EASA Part 145 approval covers a majority of business aviation jets for Line and Base maintenance including engine and avionic works:


Cessna Line Base Gulfstream Line Base Dassault Line Base Embraer Line Base
500/501 series X X G150 series X   Falcon 2000 series X X ERJ135/145 series X X
510 series X X G200/Galaxy series X X            
525/525A series X X G-IV series X              
525B series X X GV-SP series X X            
525C series X                    
550 series X X                  
560 series X X                  
560/XL/XLS series X X                  
650 series X                    



Wheels (C14) Overhaul Repair Batteries (C5) Overhaul Repair Oxygen (C15) Overhaul Repair
Meggit ABSC X X Saft X X Zodiac (Avox) X X
BF Goodrich X X Marathon Norco X X BE Aerospace X X
Messier-Bugatti X X Concorde X X EROS X X
Parker X X Gill X X      
Dunlop X X Meggit (Hawker) X X      
      EnerSys (Hawker) X X      
      L-3 Avionics Systems X X      
      BF Goodrich X X      
      Diehl X X